Instead of “Stuff on my Cat”…

Stuff on my Daddy edition courtesy of Gibson:Stuff on my Daddy


Trying to win this awesome specimen of a bike!

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes


and throw in a pair of raleigh denim while you’re at it, please. thank you.

My oh my, vermicomposting

I spotted this at Target yesterday on clearance for $49 and after MUCH debate we got it.

MIO Worm Composter

MIO Worm Composter

The storage bins we were using weren’t working out because the bottom bin was filling up with earthworm tea fast. We keep the bins on the patio for easy access to dump the kitchen scraps in but lugging the liquid filled bottom bin out to the garden with earthworm tea sloshing all over our legs wasn’t working for us. So…we’ll see how this works.

It looks really nice. It has a bottom spout to drain the tea into a more manageable container for taking out to the garden. I hope the worms like it at least! I think I might need to buy another container of them. Mine are slooooow eaters. And I’m not about to put the scraps in the food processor to help them digest the food faster as suggested on some blogs. No sirree bob! I ain’t no momma bird, err…worm…whatever.

The perfect t-shirt.

I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. As much as I’d like to be this girl, this girl, or this girl, alas, I’m not. I would love to be a good outfit put-ter together. A skirt and tights wearer. Gosh, mostly what I’m shooting for these days is to get my face washed and to put on a pair of pants that doesn’t have “sweat” prefacing them.

My perfect, comfy, go to wardrobe would probably be to own 10 of the same t-shirt in different colors, about 5-6 pairs of jeans in varying degrees of indigo and a few different styles, 5-6 cardigans, 4-5 cute scarves, several pairs of boots and flats in different colors/heel heights and my brown chucks.

That doesn’t sound so hard, does it? Well for me it is. For two reasons:

  1. I’m a sucker for pattern. I will buy a shirt that has a cool pattern on it even if the cut is ALL wrong for me. And it usually is, trust me, all kinds of WRONG. This is evidenced by the two crammed full dresser drawers and one closet rack that looks like Forever21 dropped a bomb in my house. Those clothes will fit my 21 year old, 95 lb. sister, not the 31 year old, post-baby me. p.s. Horizontal stripes, why do I love you so? Conversely, why do you hate me?
  2. I can’t find the elusive Perfect T-shirt.  J. Crew claims that they have one. I don’t think so J. Crew. I would have to have a body like that model (smaller boobs, flat stomach) to feel comfortable in that shirt.

Here is my T-shirt wish list:

  • Must be fitted, but not too fitted.
  • Fabric must be soft, but not see-through.
  • I’m willing to drop some cash for the perfect T. But anything over $20 seems a bit excessive. Unless it’s PERFECT. Then maybe $25 would be ok. 🙂
  • Should come in a variety of colors.
  • Will hold up to repeated washings. (Sweet potato spit-up is a b.)

I’m sure there are more, but all of that is already a tall order.

Does anyone have any t-shirt suggestions? Do you have that one favorite shirt that is your go to? I need help!

This is my kind of date.

TMH celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the NCSU College of Design with a tour featuring six prime examples of Raleigh modernist houses from the 1950’s to the present.

I just ordered tickets for Geoff and I. I can’t wait to tour these beautiful + awesome homes.

Yes, please.

IndieNC Blog » Blog Archive » Designer Dossier: Raleigh Denim.

I had no idea that Raleigh Denim now makes womens jeans. I would love a pair….le sigh….

She’s a maniac, maniac…

Our babe is turning into a nut-ball. She’s hilarious! And she knows it, which is the scary part.

Over the past two weeks Gibson has really turned on the personality and the physicality. Here is a short list of what she does now:

1. Pulls up from sitting position.

2. Pulls up from laying down (!).

3. Army crawls (and grunts the whole time).

4. Gets on all fours from sitting (sometimes her face gets in the way of the floor here, but she takes it like a champ).

5. Plays “Where’s Gibson.” She puts a cloth over her face and when we say, “Where’s Gibson?” she pulls it down really fast and grins and giggles like a madwoman.

6. Will turn her head away from us and we say, “Night, night.” She waits a second and whips her head around and we say, “Hello!” More grinning and giggling like a madwoman.

7. Dances to music (recorded or Geoff playing the guitar or ukulele or sometimes just to the music in her head).

8. She is no longer content to play by herself while we are eating. She must be eating too. Chewing, in fact, like mommy and daddy.

9. When we are reading her a book (Which happens about 100 times a day. Gibson LOVES books.) she will turn the page herself when it is time.

10. She is so observant. She is taking everything in right now. Every word I say she listens and I can tell she is trying to process. When we are out and about she is such a people watcher.

I’m thoroughly enjoying mommy-hood right now. I’m not going to lie, for quite a while it was a little bumpy. I have always loved Gibson from the moment that I met her. And it was that mommy love, the type of love that you have for no other person. But it was hard being home and for Gibson to be my whole world. I felt like I was losing myself a little bit. I’m sure that I will have many more days like that, being the emotional, imperfect person that I am. But for now? For now it’s me and my sweet babe learning about the world together.

9 months

My sweet baby girl : 9 months

Re: So freakn cute

I received this message from Bliss today:

“Found this in the anthropologie in ceasers. Thought of Gibson immedately.”

(note: Bliss and Thurston are in Vegas, baby! Thus the reference to Ceasers.)

Bliss, here’s the plan, you and Thurston go to the quarter slots (I’m good for about .75) and win me some money to buy my baby that cute sweater!

The Baby Whisperer

I hate to compare my baby to a dog. And I won’t. But I will say that when I’m rocking her to calm her down for a nap that I’ve discovered that I can’t look directly into her eyes.

She sees it as a direct confrontation (much like a puppy would) and will do one of three things.

1. Push off of my shoulder where she’s laid her sweet baby head and smile and giggle and try to do anything that I will find cute.

2. Wail and scream and cry real tears (!) and generally act like me cuddling and rocking her is the worst thing that could ever happen to her.

3. Start babbling and waving and doing any tricks that she knows to prove that she is indeed NOT tired and that I must be the crazy one for suggesting so. She, of course, is rubbing her eyes and yawning the whole time that these antics are going on.

So I’ve had to learn to avoid looking into those precious baby blues lest it set me back at LEAST 30 minutes of calming down time.

This baby is getting smarter by the minute. I think we’re in trouble.